AnimaLab 2014

November, 7-9, 2014, 3 groups, 15 students, 7 countries.

The task: All of you have seen (and some of you have even participated in the creation of) the films based on the masterpieces of art. This time you have to produce this kind of fantasy powered by Kazimir Malevich’s Black Square (you can pick any out of four masterpieces with this name).
Thus your film has to be about 90 sec and it has to tell the story that happen before the moment that is captured on the Black Square picture, therefore the Black Square itself has to inevitably and logically be the last frame of the film.

The project is based at and supported by the D3 Media Studio.

We are deeply grateful to the partners of the AnimaLab project - without their support the project would never become reality:
Polish Cultural Centre in Moscow
Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow
Norwegian Embassy in Moscow
Estonian Embassy in Moscow
Embassy of Israel in Moscow

Group 1/ supervised by Liza Skvortsova: assistant Milana Safonova, Marta Szymanska (Poland), Gal Haklay (Israel), Frederic Siegel (Switzerland), Polina Skorokhodova (Russia), Steven Midtgaard (Norway)

Group 2/ supervised by Alexey Alexeev: assistant Alexandra Lukina, Mariell Revheim Fotland (Norway), Mari-Liis Rebane (Estonia), Lev Voloshin (Moldova), Eugeny Fadeyev (Russia), Lena Nogami (Russia)

Group 3/ supervised by Katerina Sokolova: assistant Sophia Kendel, Silvan Zweifel (Switzerland), Shahar Davis (Israel), Maria Koneva (Russia), Edward Kurczewski (Poland), Veronica Pekker (Russia)